Sanity’s Flaw, The Second Edition

If you happened to order Sanity’s Flaw over the last week or so, you likely received one of the first copies of its official second edition.


Sanity's Flaw updated edition's spine
First (left), Second (right)
You probably wouldn’t know, honestly. Because there’s not much difference between the two versions. I updated the “About the Author” section and the copyright page, of course. Removed the Table of Contents, too. Oh, and replaced a potentially copyright-infringing passage with something entirely off-the-cuff of my imagination. Yeah, that happened. That was pretty important. And the actual reasoning for the update if you didn’t catch that. But I know you did. You're brilliant.

Updating was good, though, because while I was attacking the interior, I figured it would be a cool opportunity to update the exterior as well, particularly the backside of the book, which I was never particularly fond of.

You can check out the new layout in the pictures here. As you can see, I used a few different marketing pieces I’ve deployed over the last few years to spruce the book up. Oh, actually, you might not have seen all of those yet. Well, sneak peek I suppose.

Sanity's Flaw updated edition's backside
First (left), Second (right)
I really think the new back makes a remarkable difference, but let me know what you think.

If you’ve already purchased a copy of Sanity’s Flaw but would like a revised edition for any reason, let me know. I’ll give you a damned fine discount because that's just too cool and you're lovely.