One hundred and nineteen

If you’re wondering about the title, it’s simple. That’s how many comments I marked on the latest draft for Book Four.

They range, of course. The very first, for instance, notes I should verify the weather in that location for that time of year, while the very last suggests I add further information about one particular twist, to further the ending’s sense of… well, we’ll say a particular feeling. I don’t like spoilers.

There’s a whole range of them, really. From noting certain phrases as repetitious, or pieces I think could be expanded or shortened, to highlighting passages I think are practically perfect and others I positively loathe and either need to rewrite or altogether rid myself of. There’re also a few simply marking things so I remember them, such as why I titled something the way I did, or where the ‘acts’ break.

I didn’t bother with actually marking the text this pass, like I said before. I did correct a few stylistic inconsistencies and typos when I spotted them, though. And up next will be a two-fold process: reading through and rewriting where and how I see fit, and responding to/adjusting for those one hundred and nineteen comments. This process took quite a bit when I last did it for The Nobodies, but here’s hoping this will run more smoothly and still nail the same results.

Time to get started. Though, before I do, I hope you all have a very happy, restful and joy-filled Boxing Day, Christmas, Festivus, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year!

Yes, I put those in alphabetical order. Like GEICO says, it’s what I do.