I am one lucky man

On Wednesday, I slipped a new bracelet around my wrist. It’s entirely black, except for a single white bead, and half a set of two.

My wife has its companion. It’s entirely white, except for a single bead of black.

I bought these to act as constant reminders of our connection—something I tended to forget the past few years. Amidst our troubles and my own personal demons, I thought the only place I could find happiness was somewhere else. But Kim proved me wrong. She kept the faith in a way I never could have, believed in us when I thought every card was stacked against us.

She held my hand as I dragged us to the very edge of oblivion, and never let go until she found a way to bring us back. To bring me back.

It’s hard to appreciate what we have sometimes. It’s certainly been a while since I’ve paid my due diligence. But Kim is stronger than I could ever hope to be. She battled impossible situations with absolutely incalculable grace. She reminded me what family, what love truly is—and to what heights it can climb when two people work together, share their thoughts, their emotions, their time—and their hearts.

She’s my light in the darkness. My white rock amidst all this black.

And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I never forget it again.