Let’s laugh

I haven’t written a thing since last post. Well, outside of emails, a few personal letters and a book review or two (trade secret: I write those as I read throughout the year). I’ve just been too busy. There’s no down time. Which is why I haven’t bothered with an update. If nothing is getting done, what is there to write about? I mean, I could go on at length, as I’ve done before, about love, friendship, the immaturity of ghosting, how maturity is actually defined—it’s surely not a well-paid job or owning your own place, is it? Maybe the ability to maintain a long-standing relationship and be happy and fulfilled in it?—or even how trying new things with another person is the best thing to bring you closer (again).

But, no. I’m going to save all that, repackage it, ship it to the masses in the next book or three.

Because that’s how I roll.

So, what about today? What’s going on here? Well… how about we just look at some funny videos?

Like I’ve said a few times now, I want to focus on happiness this year. And man oh man, does it make me happy to bust out laughing at a little girl telling one of the dirtiest jokes I’ve heard, at a more “adult” Animaniacs song, and penises in the sky.

So, if you’re having a crummy day, crummy week, crummy month or you just hate your boss and your job and want to take a few minutes to screw them over by slacking, take a look at some of these. Or bookmark this and come back later. I trust your judgment.

First up, in the spirit of states I'll never be able to locate, the Kama Sutra a la Animaniacs.

Next, a simple penis in the sky.

Children tell the best dirty jokes.

This one is a bit long, but it's worth watching the full way through. A few dog walkers thought I was nuts as they overheard my laughter at this.

For those of you more keen to America's Funniest Home Videos-type shenanigans:

And, finally, a true classic that always makes me grin: