Trezka: Impressions after Editing Part One

On Wednesday, I completed the latest round of edits for the first half of my next novel, Trezka.

Though the story has grown by about 3,000 words, this version is far more streamlined and the narrative’s balance vastly improved—the “preachiness” blessedly reduced and mitigated. By focusing attention elsewhere, particularly on the varying perspectives of the narrators, the result is also more character- and less speech-driven. While much of this is due to how I chose to re-present the scenes, the additions to the narrators’ innate personalities also helped relieve the overwhelming fears I held only a few months ago.

While I may be once again feeling positive about this section of the story, as mentioned a few weeks back, I’ll still be conducting one further round of edits before distributing this for peer-review. First, though, I need to finish edits on the second half. And that, my friends, is where all the fun lies.