Children’s Book: New Year’s Resolution Update

Seeing as the year is already half over (seriously, how did that happen?) and I’ve got my own little reader on the way, it seems a good time to touch in on progress with my children’s book, which I vowed to fully prep for submission by the year’s end.

As of Monday, I’ve completed a third of the larger layouts based on the thumb sketches. These include the two I revealed in April, which both received some fundamental changes in the final designs.

They’re not the only ones though; after reviewing the sketches and following the flow of the storyline, I’ve generally tweaked most of the imagery, whether by simply changing focus, adding additional content, or narrowing or widening the scope.

Seeing as I’m about a third through, though, I won’t be sharing the actual images here today; that’ll have to wait until I’m 100 percent completed with this step and move on to the next. I’m hopeful that transition will happen sooner rather than later, though with the plethora of at-home projects still on my list (of which there are currently 37 with multiple steps), only time will tell.