After last week’s dual posts, I felt great. Sanity’s Flaw was on the cusp of publication, I had a 2015 action plan, and I was making great progress in my Fourth and Children’s Books.

Shortly after that, though, the creative flow was, for all intents and purposes, blocked. This came from a rather unfortunate discussion—one I won’t go into here—that left me with the drive to do little else but care for the baby and play videogames. I didn’t even finish hanging that door I’d started two weeks ago, and all that needs is a good sanding.

Nearly a week later, the juices are starting to flow again. While this isn’t the first piece of writing I’ve done since they did, it’s pretty close to it, and, admittedly, my confidence in these words is still rather low.

But I’m getting there. I’m pushing past. I’m editing, conjuring, writing, picturing—doing what I do best. And maybe this weekend I’ll solve the problem I discovered moments before my brain shut down, a problem that could prove to be a larger hindrance to my work than even this abominable funk.

If I don’t, well… let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.