Sanity’s Flaw, Now in Print

Right now, Sanity’s Flaw, my first novel and the official start of the Procyk Forfeit Trilogy, is available in print.

It’s been a long and arduous road, and I’d like to thank you for your support and patience.

If you’d like to buy a copy, head on over to Amazon, or just talk to me—I’ll have some on hand.

And I’ll sign it, too. How’s that?

But first, I’d like it known that the first ten copies will be signed, numbered and personalized for those closest to me, those without which Sanity’s Flaw would never have been completed, and a few for those who supported last year’s Extra Life fundraiser.

Basically, give it a few days before you buy the book, because you just might be getting a free copy. They're on their way to me, and will shortly be on their way to you in turn. It’s just a nice extra thank you for your help, love and support.

Couple other things to note:
  • Unfortunately, I forgot to tick the little box indicating Sanity’s Flaw was the first in a series, so that isn't displayed on the Amazon page as of yet, but that should be fixed very soon.
  • The Kindle version of Sanity’s Flaw has been fully updated with all the adjustments from the print version and the Nook version will be updated within the week. As a reminder, the print version has exclusive art, including a back cover you won’t get anywhere else! Yes, that was sarcasm, but still true.
  • The Kindle version of The Nobodies has been updated to note it as the second volume of the Procyk Forfeit Trilogy and the Nook version will be updated within the week reflecting this same change. No other adjustments were made at this time, but expect more on that front later in the year.
  • Amazon is currently the only place I know of to buy the print version, other than through me. If you see it available anywhere else, please let me know and I'll update accordingly!
Lastly, there will be a storefront through the website where you can buy signed copies of the book (and, perhaps, other items) directly, but I haven’t invested the time to research setting that up as of yet. Stay tuned on that front. And thank you again!