Donald Trump Looks Great in Monochrome

First off, if you're reading this on Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. If you're reading this before Thursday, thanks. If you're reading this after, get some good deals. If you're reading this way after, thanks for that, too.

And if you're reading this from outside the US, I'd like to know why. And did you buy my book? How's it look in non-English formats? I'd love a picture.

I was going to say something, wasn't I?

Preliminary inks and color flats
400% magnification of preliminary inks and color flats
Work on the graphic novel I announced last week is going nicely. In fact, I'm working on it now. Well, not right now since I took a break to write this out for you lovely folks. Folk? Folks. I do have to say, though, doing this gives me a whole new appreciation for inkers and colorists. Seriously, drawing is a cakewalk on this compared to those two aspects, which seem to eat up far more of my time than I would've ever realized. And not just because I'm new to this. Sure, I'm a little slower for that, but maybe running at about a 70% rate compared to the pros I've seen and heard from. The time sink is rather insane, given those pros seem to get very little love from readers and companies.

I'll continue to offer some backstory and process updates as I move along, but right now, I'd like to tell you how it started.

Well, it was with a conversation. Funny enough, it was on a Thursday. But there wasn't any beer involved. Sadly. At least until later.

My cousin, Justin, who may or may not offer a guest post on here at some point or another, and I were having one of our typical back-and-forths over texts, and on that day in particular we were riled up about the election. I think it had to do with the sneaking feeling creeping over me that Donald Trump would win the election--

Sidebar. I keep spelling his name Donal, without the d. Does that happen to anyone else?

--but it could have been anything. And, in two sentences, we had the pitch:

Me: What if Trump's doing all this on purpose?
Justin: What if he is?

Simple as that. To and fro we went until we had the roughest concept of a story. The next day I drafted the initial outline and everything went from there. It was a true spark of creative energy.

That's enough shit from my mouth. Time to get back to work.

I wonder if places serve turkey pizza tomorrow?